Writing Poetry

I have come far in my poetry journey. I have filled 3 notebooks with my thoughts and feelings which become poems. My inspiration comes from family, Disney songs and videos I watch. 

Here is one I would like to share.

The Forest Beast
He lives in a forest
with dark green leaves
No one in sight
Except him,
with his white horns,
large feet and hands,
very sharp fingernails.
His nose is long like a slide or an elephant’s.
His teeth have not been cleaned since 1982.
Gentle blue eyes gleam through
Shaggy scraggly fur.
His wobbly and gloomy legs give him pain.
He loves to chew on
Fishbone and pick
Berries and munch on
Cashew nuts and
He is alone and lonely. He means no
harm, but everyone is frightened by
the way he looks.
All he wants is to see the
World around him.

Have a good week ahead.